Foldable Study Chair With Writing Pad

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This foldable study chair, weighing 30 kg and available in black, offers a convenient writing pad and high comfort for classrooms and offices.

It’s portable, easy to store, and provides good value for small spaces.

Weight: 30.00 kg
Color: Black


  • Folding Training Chairs: Easy to carry
  • High Quality: Ensures durability
  • Very Comfortable: Suitable for classrooms and offices

Pros and Cons

Foldable design allows for easy storage and space-saving capabilities.May lack ergonomic support compared to more specialized study chairs.
Provides a writing pad for convenient note-taking and studying.Limited comfort for extended periods of sitting and studying.
Portable and lightweight, making it easy to move around and use in different locations.Durability and stability could be a concern depending on the quality of the chair.
Can be a cost-effective seating option for study areas or small spaces.May not offer the same level of back support as other study chairs, leading to discomfort.


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