Wooden Adjustable Foldable Table And Chair — Iron Stand



Explore the features and considerations of the Adjustable Foldable Wooden Table and Chair with Iron Stand.

  • Specifications
    • Weight: 8.55 kg
    • Color: Brown


  • Versatile Usage
    • Suitable for home, offices, classrooms, and outdoor settings.
    • Ideal for reading, studying, or using laptops.
  • Design and Maintenance
    • Fine formica/ivory brown wood with a glossy surface.
    • Easy to clean and maintain; rust-free metallic stands.
  • Adjustability and Portability
    • Adjustable height for user comfort.
    • Foldable into a flat shape for easy transport and storage.

Pros and Cons

Versatile usage for various activitiesRequires regular maintenance like polishing
Space-saving designHeavier weight compared to other materials
Durability with wooden constructionHigher cost than plastic or metal alternatives
Adjustable height for customized comfortSusceptible to scratches, dents, and water damage
Aesthetic appeal adds elegance to room decorAssembly may be required, which can be time-consuming


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