Adjustable Table And Chair Set For Kids At Affordable Price

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Explore the features and considerations of the Adjustable Table and Chair Set designed for children.


  • Weight: 35.00 kg
  • Color: Multicolour


  • Material and Maintenance
    • Made from compressed wood for durability.
    • Maintenance tips to ensure longevity.
  • Usage Tips
    • Avoid dragging or pushing furniture; keep away from high humidity and heat sources.
    • Clean with a dry, lint-free cloth; handle spills promptly.

Pros and Cons

Adjustable height grows with the childSome models may require adult help to adjust height
Provides dedicated space for focused activitiesPlastic chairs may not match table height in some models
Aids concentration with minimal distractionsCheaper materials like pressboard can be prone to scratches
Promotes proper posture and ergonomic designRequires more space compared to standard toddler furniture
Offers extra storage for learning materials
Durable enough for adult use


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