Foldable And Adjustable Table Mate For Laptop

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Discover the features and considerations of the Table Mate IV, a flexible and convenient table for various activities.


  • Weight: 4.00 kg
  • Color: Others


  • Adjustability
    • Slides to 6 different heights and adjusts to 3 angles.
    • Built-in cup holder for convenience.
  • Versatility
    • Ideal for laptops, studying, meals, crafts, and more.
    • Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean.
  • Portability
    • Folds flat for compact storage.
    • Suitable for use anywhere needed.

Pros and Cons

Folds flat for easy storageAdjustment bar can slip if table is lifted from the sides
Adjustable tabletop angles for various usesNot as portable as smaller lap desks
Height adjusts to six settingsLegs may need to be removed for certain luggage
Lightweight yet supports up to 50 lbs
Built-in cup holder prevents spills
Quick assembly with no tools required
Versatile for meals, reading, crafting, and as a laptop desk


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