Kitchen Modern Design Single Lever Gold Mixer Tap

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The Kitchen Modern Design Single Lever Gold Mixer Tap combines elegance with functionality.

With its sleek, flat mixer design and durable construction, this tap adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen.

Importance of Using the Product

Using the Kitchen Modern Design Single Lever Gold Mixer Tap ensures a convenient and stylish kitchen experience.

The single lever allows for easy control of water temperature and flow, while the gold finish enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic.

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Importance of Buying the Product Online

Purchasing the Kitchen Modern Design Single Lever Gold Mixer Tap online offers numerous benefits.

You can compare prices and features across various platforms, read customer reviews, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

Online shopping also provides access to exclusive deals and a secure purchasing process.


  • Weight: 2.00 kg
  • Design: Modern flat mixer with single lever
  • Color: Gold
  • Spout: Black swivel spout
  • Faucet Type: Hot and cold
  • Fixing Accessories: Brass nut, iron with zinc plated mounting plate
  • Cartridge: Ceramic cartridge (MS, SEDAL, KEROX, GEENA, etc.), tested for over 500,000 cycles
  • Aerator: Brass chrome aerator with stainless steel or plastic filter
  • Surface Process: Available in chrome, bronze, gold, antique brass, red antique, brushed nickel, and painted colors
  • Chrome Layer Thickness: Ni: 2-3um, Cr: 0.1-0.2um or Ni: 8um, Cr: 0.25um
  • Mounting Type: Deck mounted
  • Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
  • Brand: PandaHug
  • Material: Brass, ceramic, copper
  • Handle Type: Lever
  • Handle Material: Copper
  • Installation Method: Single hole

Pros and Cons

Elegant gold finish adds luxury to the kitchenGold finish may show water spots and fingerprints easily
Single lever design for easy temperature and flow controlHigher price compared to standard taps
Durable construction with ceramic cartridge tested for over 500,000 cyclesRequires regular maintenance to keep the finish looking pristine
Versatile design suitable for various kitchen stylesGold plating may wear off over time with frequent use
Easy to install with included fixing accessoriesNot as low-maintenance as chrome or stainless steel finishes


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