Door Access Card – Black

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Black door access cards are contactless cards used for building entry and access control, employing RFID or NFC technology to communicate with door locks and access systems.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Works with door lock models from Samsung, HID, Paxton, and Kisi.
  • Customization: Can be branded for organizations.
  • Security: Each card has a unique token that logs access events.
  • Frequency Options: Available in 125kHz and 13.56MHz (MIFARE).
  • Bulk Purchase: Blank Black PVC cards can be bought in bulk for access control.

Black access cards provide a secure and convenient alternative to traditional keys, allowing easy control and monitoring of facility access.

Pros and Cons of Door Access Cards:

Enhanced security; difficult to duplicate and easily deactivatedVulnerable to cloning if a legitimate card is obtained
Convenient entry; no need to remove from wallet or purseOngoing costs and issues with replacing lost or stolen cards
Versatile integration with various access systemsLack of central management and remote access in some systems
Detailed audit trails and reporting for tracking access eventsRisk of power loss disabling access if not backed up
Cost-effective with low card costs and easy maintenanceRequires advanced maintenance and potential IT support
Manages employee access and payroll, preventing unauthorized entryCybersecurity threats needing regular protocol updates



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